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B2B, EAI, BPM and SOA Consultancy
I am offering over 8 years of experience in this fields. Those disciplines go hand-in-hand and since the problem is often the transition from one to the other, it is important to have combined experience in all of them. The errors made in those backend implementations that lead to project failures are always the same and most of the time those errors are made because of missing experience that is necessary for the implementation of such distributed systems. Professional help can prevent disasters.

  • Object Oriented Design
  • Enterprise Java
  • .NET technologies
  • XML and associated technologies
  • Relational database systems
  • EDI and related technologies
  • EAI and messaging systems
  • Rule based systems
  • TIBCO, Vitria, Microsoft BizTalk, IBM WebSphere, and others

  • CRM Consultancy
    No backend system can show its full potential without a strong front-end. For that reason it is a natural match that is why I am offering CRM consultancy services as well. Such front-ends can easily be used to make backend processes implemented in a BPM system much more transparent. They can also used for error handling and monitoring. These facts are often neglected, which not seldom leads to less user acceptance.

  • Siebel 7.5 and 7.8, EAI and Config

  • IT Architecture, Analysis and technical Project Management
    Understanding business needs and implementing it with the help of IT systems is one of the biggest challenges. Making it agile and flexible to cover the needs of tomorrow gives your company the competitive advantage.

  • UML Design, ARIS, PRINCE2
  • Vertical knowledge in TELCO and Finance

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